Riding the bus home

The new models have hard seats

Resistant to the natural contours of the human body

And all manner of wear and wreckage

Washable even

Though you can still see the faint outlines

Epistles from other lonely travelers like yourself asking my love

where have u gone

As if he had written it just for you

photo of an abandoned tv at a seaside town


From where you are it takes

Five hundred miles just to reach water

Five hundred something minutes

Of barren earth cracked but

Unyielding like you thought your heart

The way it had fractured

For at least a month now

Under the ceaseless summer sun

And now on the last day

You stare at the waves

Reflecting that same feverish sunlight

Too bright to watch but

You look anyway and think

Dive in and never come back

photo of a light pole with sign that says beach and has bright yellow house behind it

For the man u love

When you come to in the dark

Back from wherever with the streetlights going

From behind the curtains in out in out

In out you give a smallish kick

And see something move that makes you go still

A pachyderm in the weak light

Heavy limbs thick dimpled skin

Like an ancient leather briefcase

Warped by heat and time

Until you recognize him

Your lover and think how you need to see him like this

Always as if for the first time

photo of birds sitting on a wire